Internet Addiction

The internet is prevalent in modern day society and makes doing work (such as emailing) and socialising (surfing the web, downloading music) much easier. With basic broadband becoming common place and the introduction of fibre optic broadband, we can surf the web with incredible speed.

However, the internet can also have a detrimental impact on people. For some, internet use may become obsessional and compulsive, meaning their work and social life suffer. This is known as Internet Addiction. Internet Addiction can have a detrimental effect on both individuals and couples. A few examples of internet addiction are shown in the list below:

  1. Online gaming (spending too much time on computer games)
  2. Online gambling (spending too much time gambling, and this can have negative financial implications)
  3. Facebook and Twitter (spending too much time on social networking sites, developing virtual / online friends rather than real ones)